Long Resistance Band – Light


Improve the quality of your exercises using this long medium resistance band. A great way to focus on strengthening and toning up your muscles.

Made from polyester, custom cotton and rubber grip to ensure the bands will not roll up or slide down whilst you’re working out. They come in a sustainable cotton drawstring bag for safe-keeping for your next workout.

Measurements: 201 x 3cm
Strength: Light
Wash: Hand wash
Extras: Cotton Drawstring Bag

90 in stock

Additional information

Choose between a variety of strengths: light, medium, and heavy to work your muscles at different intensities. The heavier the band, the harder it is for your muscles, so the stronger they will become!

You can also choose to purchase longer bands which come in both medium and heavy. These bands are ideal to work your full body as well as to aid your stretching exercises.

Exercise suggestions for short resistance bands:
• Legs: crab walks, sumo squats, reverse lunges.
• Glutes: donkey kicks, clams, glute bridges.
• Upper Body: back crunches, pushup transfers, bicycle crunches.

Exercise suggestions for long resistance bands:
• Upper Body: bent over row, upright row, bicep curl.
• Full Body: thrusters, single arm squat press.
• Lower Body: RDLs, sumo squats, kickbacks.
• Stretching: hamstrings, upper back, hip opener.

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Dimensions 35.3 × 25 × 2.5 cm