My Seven Wonders to Boost Motivation to Keep Active

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is.. ‘how do you keep motivated?’

Keeping fit and active has proven more than ever during this time the keyway to help release stress, improve mood, and an opportunity to challenge yourself to feel that sense of progress and achievement! 

Motivation naturally goes up and down for anyone, but your mindset and attitude is something you can control. What you implement into your daily routine will affect your mindset, mood, and motivation for the entire day. 

If you’re finding yourself dipping into unhealthy habits and routines, and that snooze alarm is being used a little too frequently… here are my 7 top tips to reset the tone, break through that mental barrier, and help boost a new light of motivation into your lifestyle to get that body up and moving! 


They say it takes ’21 days to form a habit’. (Don’t take that too literally of course!) But wouldn’t you love motivation to be a habit rather than a chore?! So for the next 21 days, (no excuses, no alarm snoozing) get up an hour earlier than you usually would, and get that body moving in whatever what suits you best; e.g. HIIT, a walk, yoga, or run. 

Don’t expect that after 21 days you’re going to adopt a crazy motivation that makes exercise easy for the rest of your life. No no no… never the case. Even for the most motivated and fittest person out there! This 21 day challenge is super effective if you’re changing up your exercise routine, or just starting your fitness journey. It gives your brain and body a timeframe to adopt a new “habit” or technique which might feel slightly foreign to begin with. 


Goal setting is key to keeping motivated. Long term goals are great to have an overview of what you would like to achieve in 6 months, 12 months or even 18 months. But looking at the whole picture can feel pretty daunting and overwhelming. 

So creating smaller short-term goals is a super effective way to increase clarity of what you’re wanting to achieve, ensure you use your time wisely, as well as having that sense of achievement when you reach your goal! This can all contribute to help keep you motivated. 

Once one goal is reached, another one is created. It’s a neverending cycle but makes you work effectively and efficiently!


I always mix up my training and goals to break out of the monotonous routine and ensure training doesn’t end up becoming boring… monotonous… which sure doesn’t aid motivation.

Although we are limited with restrictions at the moment, we can still mix up a training by changing up the style, doing online classes (I’ve heard Daily Bailey is pretty good haha!), getting outside with friends. This can not only increase your workout repertoire, but it will make working out seem more fun and sociable! Without realising you’ve boshed a workout, sweated buckets and overall, had a fab time!​​


Surrounding yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel is so beneficial to keeping that fire in your belly. 

There is such a fine line between aspiring to be like someone and comparing yourself with another person directly which can be counteractive on your emotions and mindset. This is typical in the world of social media. It is soooo easy to fall into the trap of wishing you looked like someone else. So keep in mind the fine line between inspiration and obsession. 

Don’t try to relive someone else’s life or want to have someone else’s body. No matter if you ate or did exactly what that desired person does every single day, the outcome would be completely different. You are you, and you can only be responsible for your progress.


Pick out the points of a range of successful people that inspire you and add these to your day-to-day life. It might be recipe ideas, workout inspos, tips or advise on wellbeing. (Make sure the source you’re getting this info from is reliable!) It’s like adding seasoning to your meal: use this seasoning to spice up your life to make you taste so darn gooood. In other words, to help motivate you to become the best version of yourself! 


I find it’s great to workout with someone who will push you that bit harder or run that bit faster than you. Healthy competition is great to see more personal achievement and success, encouraging you to push outside of your comfort zones.


My life would be a mess if I had no organisation, which reflects in the clarity of my mind and ultimately the productiveness of my day or even my week. 

To avoid dissatisfaction, I ensure I have a rough guideline of what my workout schedule will be over the week. The night before, I will have a clear idea of exactly what I will be doing: whether it be specifying the distance or time of my run in the morning or planning which online class I’ll be doing. That way, in the morning even if I’m half asleep, my body is in clockwork mode. I know exactly what I’m doing, no unnecessary faffing or temptation to roll back into bed. It ensures I make the best use of my time to complete a productive session to start my day! This often reflects in my motivation and productivity throughout the rest of the day. 


I run my life by the power hour! (Adrienne, I can’t thank you enough for this!) If you haven’t heard of Power Hour before, it’s basically an hour of your day you designate to prioritise yourself and your needs. Whether that be fitness, wellbeing, or general organisation. 

For me, my day always starts with moving my body. Whether it be a run, a gym workout or even a yoga session. I purposively use my Power Hours in the mornings as I believe that your mornings dictate your day ahead. Knowing I have this hour a day purely for my Power Hour, motivates me to start my day moving my body, releasing those endorphins and encouraging a positive, motivating mindset before the day “officially” begins.


It is impossible to feel motivated every single day and we need rest days too. But on the days you feel like sleeping an extra hour just because, those are the days you need to push through and get that workout done even more! That might sound harsh but if you can do it on the days you don’t feel super motivated, then you can smash any day! 

Knowing the feeling you get afterwards, releasing those endorphins and setting up a positive mindset for the day ahead, always makes it so worth it. 

Obviously, everything is in proportion. If your body needs a rest and you’re overworking, then yes take a rest! But be responsible and intelligent. You know your body the most. 

But if you have that slightly “lazy” syndrome, then having an extra hour sleep one day is more likely to lead to two days.. three days etc and will muck up your motivation and routine! So power through, get that body moving and release that good energy! You never regret a workout!

​So… what you waiting for? Go go go!

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