Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

Last weekend, you might have seen that I skydived with my mum! Credit to Mumma Bailey for being a pretty awesome mum. 50 and thriving!

Have you ever skydived? If the answer is ‘yes’.. how surreal is the whole experience?! If the answer is ’no’, then maybe you should get it on your bucket list! It’s so good to achieve something that takes you way out of your comfort zone.

I have to be honest, I actually wasn’t too scared in the build up to it. I’ve heard such great things about it that I was eager to give it a go. BUT … when I was kneeling on the floor, facing the huge open door of the plane, looking down on the earth 15,000 feet in the air, THAT was terrifying! AGHHH. Being strapped tightly to an expert, with him doing the “push off”, made it a whole lot easier let me tell you! Free falling for 60 seconds was mind blowing. I truly can’t put into words how it made me feel. You’ll just have to do it yourself. And then, when you land, it’s the most euphoric moment!

This feeling is the perfect demonstration of how good it is for you to try something new and step outside your comfort zone! That’s when you truly grow as a person, a new found confidence and bravery provides a whole lot of self belief. This isn’t from just a skydiving perspective, this is through a career and personal growth perspective too. 

So my challenge to you is…

  1. Set yourself a goal that gives you a tingle in your stomach of discomfort but also excites you. Write it down.
  2. Create a spider diagram of small activities that you can do to help you progress and reach your goal. 
  3. Take action! If you’re someone that needs that accountability, tell a friend or family member what your goal is and what you need to do to get there. Get them to check up on you.
  4. Embrace the fear, feel the adrenalin, make mistakes – it’s all part of the learning process, and don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve something! 

I promise you that the more times you experience ‘discomfort’, the more familiar it will feel. This will give you the confidence to push the boundaries and challenge yourself. This is when the magic happens.  


So why do a skydive? 

We chose to do a charity skydive raising money for Woking Mind Charity. My mum is a mindfulness practitioner for Woking Mind helping endless people with their mental health. As you may know already, I am a strong believer that fitness is the anchor to everyone’s mental wellbeing – the most natural ‘drug’ to boost positivity, lift your mood, increase your confidence and overall wellbeing.

For anyone that donated towards this important cause, I just want to say a huge huge thank you! You helped us reach our target, and altogether we raised a whopping £12K (and counting!) You can still donate by clicking this link.

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