Challenge Details

Whether you’ve just started your running journey or you’re in need of some guidance to help get better results with your running – this is the perfect challenge for you. Designed to develop endurance, strengthen legs and overall cardio fitness, you’ll be working hard but feeling great. 
This 6 week programme is for those who want to complete a 5k, 10k or half marathon. Be sure to follow the correct ‘running’ programme dependent on your goal. The workouts will stay the same regardless of the distance you’re training for. 
Run for those goals. Run for those all time favourite post run highs!

What’s involved?
3 programmed runs a week
2 resistance band strength workouts a week
Weekly mobility session

Equipment needed?
Exercise mat, Long Daily Bailey resistance band, Short Daily Bailey resistance band


Heart Racer95%
Muscle Burner72%
Feel Good Factor97%