How it all began

A professional dancer, fitness model, content creator, personal trainer, and founder of ‘Daily Bailey’, my passion is exercise and movement for mind and body.

My background training as a dancer taught me discipline, dedication, and the determination to succeed have to be in-built. But when faced with a major set-back – (not one, but two major back operations), my mental and physical strength were pushed like never before. My dreams were dashed and my mood on the floor, I soon realised that I needed to stop living in the future and the ‘what could have beens’, and start living in the now and finding joy in what my body was able to do on that particular day.

Rebuilding my body with progressive training and deepening my knowledge of the human anatomy I soon realised my calling was to help others future proof their body and mind. Daily Bailey was born, in celebration of how exercise can totally change the way you feel on a daily basis – all you have to do is show up. Adding in structured exercise as part of your daily routine is life changing. It can bring so much JOY and I want to share that with you!



Find the JOY in exercise

The Daily Bailey Mantra

Show Up Daily

Consistent regular exercise is a form of self love, treat your mind and body to a workout on the daily.

Variation Is Key

Participating in a variety of classes is key to long term physical endurance, progress and helps motivation.

For Good Days & Bad

Even if you are not feeling it, just 30 minutes will reset your mood and boost your energy for the day. 

Your Body Is Remarkable

Celebrate what your body can do, nurture it with exercise and go through life feeling strong and confident. 



What people say about Daily Bailey
  • “I never thought I’d be able to achieve this!! I am completely motivated and determined to be the best version of myself all because of Daily Bailey.”

  • “I don’t want to go back to the gym! I’m doing more variety of strength & cardio exercises than I’ve ever done and I feel so much healthier and stronger for it!

  • “…You have inspired me and motivated me every morning with your workouts and I feel amazing for it! Eternally grateful.”


  • “Thanks a thousand times Rhiannon for all your workouts. I’m so excited to do them every day! Honestly, your workouts are what actually get me out of bed in the morning and get me ready to start my day!”

  • “…Gyms made me feel anxious, Daily Bailey has been life changing. I can now workout from the comfort of my own home at anytime, meaning I never loathe a workout. I love it.”

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